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ООО «Производственная Компания «МАКА»

Адрес офиса и склада: 140093, Московская область, г. Дзержинский, ул. Лесная, д.44

Часы работы: Пн-Пт - 08:00 – 17:00

Телефон: +7 (495) 225-62-32 – многоканальный


Юридический адрес: 140091, Московская область, г. Дзержинский, ул. Угрешская, д.15А, офис 523

Почтовый адрес: 140090, Московская область, г. Дзержинский, а/я 1173

For cooperation

LLC Production Company MAKA

Office and warehouse address: 140093, Moscow Region, Dzerzhinsky, ul. Lesnaya, d.44

Opening hours: Mon-Fri - 08:00 - 17:00

Phone: +7 (495) 225-62-32 - multichannel


Legal address: 140091, Moscow Region, Dzerzhinsky, ul. Ugreshskaya, d.15A, office 523

Mailing address: 140090, Moscow region, Dzerzhinsky, PO Box 1173

About us and our product

For celebration of twentieth anniversary the company "Maka" has produced a line of new tomato sauces and premium mayonnaise with unusual flavors and unique properties.
Rich tastes and exquisite aromas of premium tomato sauces as "Bulgarian tomato", "Sicilian tomato", "Tuscan tomato", "Provencal tomato" and "Chilean tomato" were reached thanks to a carefully selected set of traditional for each region spices. Thanks to them everyone can choose a sauce that will meet both individual taste preferences and requirements for cooking dishes from different countries.
Three new types of mayonnaise - classic "Golden egg", "Ink cuttlefish" for spaghetti and "Royal truffle" for bruschetta - combine the advantages of classic mayonnaise and gourmet sauces of haute cuisine. What is the difference between them and the usual "Provencal"?
Modern mayonnaise does not just improve the taste of your dishes, it expands the comfort zone, taking into account the needs of the new century. There are no GMO, no artificial colors. At the same time the high-quality products have been used there and, above all, a premium vegetable oil. Additionally, mayonnaise is enriched with vitamins that make the usual product highly functional. 
At the same time new mayonnaise perfectly fit into the program of a healthy lifestyle. Today gentle wellness comes instead of hard fitness, doctors recommend to abandon exhausting workouts in favor of dancing, eastern practices and sparing jogging. There comes the realization, that joy and pleasure of life are not less important, than cubes the press and volume of biceps. And delicious food is always a small feast.
When we try new things, new neural connections appear in our brain, it means that the more often we do it, the more actively our brain will work. In order healthy food to please us, we took care of the unusual exquisite tastes of mayonnaise. Vegetables, complex carbohydrates and protein products will taste better if you add a little mayonnaise into.
Cookery of the XXI is also changing. Now you can find burgers, sandwiches, and bruschetta in the menu of the most fashion restaurants! Could you imagine such a thing before? The simplicity and speed of cooking, the using of recognizable ingredients and great taste allowed the classic fast food dishes to take a place in haute cuisine. However, these "sandwiches" are significantly different from those that you buy on the street. They are made by using a lot of greens and vegetables, their taste is perfectly set off by modern mayonnaise-gourmet.
There is a bonus - from now on these dishes you can cook at home. Create unusual combinations of products that will play in a new way in combination with modern mayonnaise "Maka".
We’ve used the classic glass packaging for the modern product. Why? It is an inert material that does not interact with the product and provides perfect storage conditions. Also a glass is suitable for reuse, which is eco-friendly and ethical.
Mayonnaise "Maka" allows you to experiment, come up with new recipes and change the taste of familiar dishes, it means they will fit perfectly into the realities of the modern world. And even the food will be printed on a 3-D printer, it’s good to add a bit of the sauce, which allows to make the dishes tastier for three centuries already.

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