\ Mayonnaise “Golden Egg”

Mayonnaise “Golden Egg”

The mayonnaise has a classic balanced taste with hints of "gourmet" and a pleasant consistence. This product is suitable for filling traditional salads, as well as for exotic recipes of foreign cuisine. It perfectly complements sandwiches and canapés.

GOST/TU: GOST 31761-2012 Manufacturer: LLC "PC "MAKA" Ingredients: refined deodorized vegetable oil, water, egg yolk, sugar, salt, acidity regulator: acetic acid and citric acid, mustard oil, natural dye beta - carotene. Packing: glass jar, cover Twist off DEEP. Net weight/product volume, PCs: 260 g/280 ml Packaging: corrugated tray for 12 glass jars Net weight of the package: 3.12 kg. Shelf life and storage conditions: 0°C to +10°C (incl.) - 100 days, over +10°C to +18°C (incl.)- 45 days

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