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Chilean Tomato Sauce

Spicy sauce opens up new facets of familiar dishes. It’s perfect for dishes from all kind of meat, fish and poultry. This sauce will give an unexpected piquancy and novelty taste for dishes from vegetables and seafood.

GOST / TU: TU 10.84.12-006-53981593-2018 Manufacturer: LLC "PC "MAKA" Mass fraction of soluble solids not less than 23% Ingredients: water, tomato paste, sugar, salt, dietary fiber, acidity regulator - acetic acid, spices (curry, black pepper, dried garlic, chili pepper, cayenne pepper, khmeli-suneli, allspice), antioxidant - ascorbic acid. Packing: glass jar, cover Twist off DEEP. Net weight, PCs: 280 g Packaging: corrugated tray for 12 glass jars Net weight of the package: 3.36 kg. Shelf life and storage conditions: 0°C to +25°C (incl.) and relative humidity no more than 75% - 1 year

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